SACKING BERLIN (it still is, isn't it?)
Original article HERE
With the help of Marcus Gruber I developed editorial illustrations for an existing article in THE BAFFLER.
First image would be an opener over two pages with super clever included title of the article itself. 
Second image is a ironic portrait of Klaus Wowereit, former mayor of Berlin.
I must be honest: It was A LOT of fun and I can totally image doing more (New Yorker, you reading this by any chance?), so I hope to soon show you even more re-done articles!
I have a special relationship to Berlin as I came as a very poor person and I still am, which gives me the possibility to actually see how the city is changing – for worse AND for the better.
And I can tell you: Still a great city. A LOT OF GREAT ART AND DESIGN AND IT´S STILL RISING, honey.
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